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Today’s homeowner is looking to expand their home into the backyard, and that means including essential elements such as concrete patios. Southside Driveway Repair has worked with many families like yours to install the best concrete patios that anyone would proudly own. As a local company, we work with homeowners just like you to provide you with an outdoor living space extension of your home. We will meet with you to discuss what type of patterns and colors would look best with your home and how we can provide you with a finished product within your budget.


What’s So Great About Concrete Patios?


Southside Driveway Repair has been working on installing concrete patios for decades. These installations are low maintenance and can be kept looking great with just some pressure washing annually. Your concrete patio is something that you can use to entertain family and friends when the weather is nice, and you want to be outside. The options for colors and styles for finishing the patio are something you can use to enhance your home.

Concrete patios are something that Southside Driveway Repair can install for you at a reasonable price. When you have a patio installed outside your home, it helps to tie the interior and exterior living spaces together. There are plenty of options for surfaces and patterns that you can choose to complete the look of your patio while providing an area where you can entertain outdoors while adding warmth to your home.

One of the best things about concrete is that it is versatile. It can take on the look and feel of many other expensive materials that you would not be able to afford to install. Sometimes concrete can be the base, and other materials can be added to the surface, such as paving stones or flagstone. You can dye the concrete to have it look like a more expensive material. Then you can also have special features added such as a seating wall and a fire pit for a great entertainment space.


Patterned Concrete


Southside Driveway Repair is a company that offers you many great ideas, including how you can finish your concrete with a patterned look. You would be surprised to see the finished product when specific patterns are used for driveways, walkways, and concrete patios. Many people choose to have lines added into the concrete or decorative designs added with a concrete stamp or particular mold. When you combine unique pigments and use a stamp, it can make your concrete work look like exotic stones without the high price tag.


Exposed Aggregate


Exposed aggregate is a process used to tell the natural stones and rocks inside the concrete. The result is a specific texture that looks incredible. You can also choose “micro-exposure” by having smaller rocks and sand added, which offers a much more delicate texture. When you choose to have your concrete finished with the exposed aggregate look, the result is that your project is more distinct than those of your neighbors because it is unique.


The durability of Concrete Patios


Concrete patios can stand up against all kinds of weather. There is no need to constantly remove weeds because there are no cracks inside the concrete slab where weeds can take hold. Concrete patios are sought after by many because they are durable, easy to maintain, and affordable. Southside Driveway Repair offers you our experienced professional team to plan and install your very own private concrete patio. We can help you decide on the location, the materials, and the ideas for finishing the project.

The team at Southside Driveway Repair is experienced with customer satisfaction. We are happy to offer you advice in choosing your concrete patio. The concrete product that we ultimately install for you will stand the test of time, and we can back that up with our long list of happy customers. If you want to know more and would like to explore your options, please contact us and let us know how we can help. We would be pleased to provide you with a estimate on the cost and installation of your concrete patio.