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At first glance, concrete retaining walls do not look like much, but they are a complete structural system that takes serious planning and careful installation. Although retaining walls are decorative in one sense, they must be strong enough to hold back the pressure of a large amount of material piled up behind the wall. In short, a concrete retaining wall is designed to prevent dirt from eroding by keeping it in place. The retaining wall is designed to increase curb appeal and should be functional while looking nice too.


Is it Time to Install Concrete Retaining Walls on Your Property?


Do you have large amounts of soil that seem to be slowly eroding as the years pass? If you are thinking about installing something useful that will help raise your property value, too, then concrete retaining walls are a great idea. Southside Driveway Repair is experienced with installing these complex structures, and we can help you with your project.

We have plenty of knowledge and experience when it comes to constructing these walls, and we always take extra care to ensure that they are not only safe but are built to last.

When it is time for the installation of your retaining wall, Southside Driveway Repair will carefully inspect the area to get an idea of the lateral pressure of the materials that will be behind your retaining wall. The wall should be designed to ensure that it is not only safe but will stand up to the significant pressure that will be placed upon it once it has been installed. Concrete retaining walls need to be installed correctly to withstand bowing, tilting, and cracking from the materials that are located behind them.

One mistake that homeowners make is to hire contractors that offer a great price but are inexperienced. The result is that the concrete retaining walls that they install can become hazardous and present a danger to you and your family. Southside Driveway Repair is a company that takes pride in being experienced, knowledgeable and professional. We promise to install your retaining wall correctly so that you know that you can rely upon it for years into the future.


Retaining Walls to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space


 If you want to expand your home and cannot afford significant renovations to add interior rooms, outdoor living space is the next best thing. Southside Driveway Repair can help you install concrete retaining walls, which are solid and will stand up to the test of time. We offer you our ideas and our experience on the jobs that we work on. If you would like to have unique features installed in your retaining wall, we can take care of that. We often incorporate seating areas and firepits into these walls that the homeowners will enjoy for years to come.


Decorative Concrete Retaining Walls


Southside Driveway repair works with customers to ensure that they will have retaining walls that look fantastic and are 100% safe. We know that once a retaining wall has been installed, it will be in place for the next one hundred years. That is why we want to make it functional and make it look incredible too. If you would like to have a retaining wall constructed from concrete but has many different features and added unique stonework, we can offer you a product you can use for the rest of your life. If you would like to discuss the design and project scope, we are here and waiting for your ideas.


Parking Lot Retaining Walls


Southside Driveway Repair builds retaining walls for residential properties and commercial properties. If you have been looking for a way to get more from your retail parking space, we suggest that you have concrete retaining walls installed. These walls will prevent erosion and ensure drainage on your site. Once the retaining walls are in place, they offer function with safety.


Residential Driveway Retaining Walls


Do you wish that you had more room in your driveway? If you want to have a retaining wall installed in your driveway, then we can offer the extra driveway room that you desire. Once a retaining wall is in place in your driveway, it will widen your driveway and raise it too. The result is a safe driveway that will hold the weight of multiple vehicles parked in that area. A significant factor in the security of a retaining wall is proper drainage to prevent bulging.


Ask Southside Driveway Repair About Our Services


If you want to install a retaining wall most cost-effectively, that way is with concrete. You can pour it quickly, and then you only have to wait for it to harden. Southside Driveway Repair is ready to take your call when you want more information. We would be pleased to offer you a quote and scope of work guide to installing a new retaining wall on your property.